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  • Thu at 8:51 AM
    Posted by HypnoMaster69
    These words accompany a new file about the Trance Room at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole that Alice found; one listener said that I should provide a warning that these ideas and those sounds will take some especially deep into trance and make it possible for you to go even deeper into trance in the f...
  • At the Mirror (Prequel) When Stephanie, my manager, told me about The Spank, I tried to express my disappointment but, as it always happens, she found the way to have my agreement. Stephanie is very determined, I would say dominant. I think she knows The Spank because she frequented the place, a...
  • Feb 7
    Posted by FreeAlice
    At the Mirror "Relax Alice, we have time." I suggest myself, watching at the bathroom mirror a woman still totally undone after the shower. I say it with deep voice rotating my hands in a magical way, imitating Neo Mesmer, the stage hypnotist i'm about to meet. "Silly girl! He didn't h...
  • Thanks to a new friend who has talked me into being able to serve without thoughts have been listening to files some have said are controversial and had this fantasy come into my head...   Mike grew up being taught "right from wrong" and how things "should be" in this politically correct worl...
  • The Most Perfect Control Is the absence of control; These thoughts and these musings are dear to me and I have practiced these ideas (more or less) for decades; while not explicitly intended to put you Into Trance, my words and my thoughts and my ideas about thinking about thinking do sometimes al...
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  • Apr 25 - hosted by Flanelbear
    Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend has a fun undertone with many Hypno-fetish men enjoying the gathering.
  • October 26, 2018 - hosted by Hypnostage
    The Ultimate Training Events For Erotic Hypnosis NEW DATES AND PRICES ADDED
  • May 4, 2018 - hosted by Hypnostage
    Learn Erotic Hypnosis From A to Z as taught by two of the most recognized experts in the field: Richard Anthony & Kail DuBois Just added Friday Night Meet & Greet w/ demonstrations. May 4 from 5 PM to 10 PM www.darksidehypnosis.com
  • September 17, 2017 - hosted by deepgaze
    Original event info at https://fetlife.com/events/574809 Date & Time: Sunday, September 17, 2017 · 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Location: The Scottish Stores 2-4 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DU @ map Cost: A voluntary donation of £2 (This will be donated to the Backlash charity for ...
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  • Update your Profile
    Posted by EMG Jan 24

    I have removed a couple useless items(YIM and AIM) and added contact info for Google Hangouts and Discord.  I have also added a place where you can define what sort of trances you are interested in being involved in(text, chat, voice, video, in person)  I set these options for both hypnotist and subject.  Let me know if anyone has any other ideas etc to make the profiles more useful.

    I have also started working on a module to help us rate the various hypnotists and subjects on this site, it'll help new users know a bit more about who they're working with.  For hypnotists this will be Trance quality(what's your bedside manner like) and ethics(how well did you stick to what you said you'd be doing).  Yes, I know this could be abused but for those of use that stay very long it will be hard to hide the good from the bad.  For subjects we'll be rating ease of trance(how hard is it to get you under) and trance effectiveness(do the triggers etc I set now keep working)  I am open to suggestions for other categories/options, just drop me a PM.  The project is already started and I hope to have it working within a couple weeks.

  • System Update
    Posted by EMG Jan 15

    I did a long overdue system update earlier today and it resulted in some downtime.  We are now back up and running PHP 7.2 with all the image and other tools updated as well.  I don't know if this will fix any of our strange bugs or if it will cause new ones but it's done.  Please let me know if you run into anything major.

  • Copyrighted Content(again)
    Posted by EMG November 20, 2018

    In the past 24 hours I have purged over 50 distinct titles from almost 1000 playlists.  Just because you like a persons files doesn't mean you have the right to post their paid content on this site.  So, if you see something by a professional please either contact them, or contact me.  This site is for sharing public domain content only.  Don't make me start killing entire playlist for 1 recording, I can and will do it.

    If you do produce paid content and want it removed, contact admin@hypno-fetish.com and let me know.  If you report a playlist, please list the items in the playlist that are yours not just the whole playlist.

  • Users Selling Products
    Posted by EMG August 16, 2018

    Ok, let's make this official since I've talked to 2 users in the past week...

    Yes, you can post links to your pay site/niteflirt/other revenue engine on Hypno-Fetish.  

    Yes, you may link to your free content as much as you want.

    No, you may not post mulitple links to every pay file you've ever made or use Hypno-Fetish purely as an advertising tool.  If you're posting a pay link or advertising your wares more than twice a week that's simply too much.  I don't want the site filled with ads for every HypnoDomme  etc or nobody would ever find what they are actually looking for.  Please be reasonable, I will warn you, but just once.  After that I'll suspend your account.  If you want to advertise your wares, talk to me, banner advertising is VERY cheap.

  • File Purge
    Posted by EMG May 5, 2018

    Per her request, all Isabella Valentine content has been purged from the site.  

    Please remember that posting of copyrighted content is ILLEGAL, just because you like a hypnotist and found their files free somewhere on the web doesn't mean you have the right to post them everywhere.  Check fist, THEN post.

  • Underage stories
    Posted by EMG October 20, 2017

    We had someone post an album filled with pictures of young girls with captions that indicated MC with an underage person.  None of the images were indecent but we really do need to be as safe as we can and child porn/NC sex is a VERY touchy subject so I have deleted it.  Please don't post stories etc that involve minors, they will be deleted.

  • Spam Bots
    Posted by EMG October 12, 2017

    My apologies to EVERYONE, apparently we were hit by attack of the spambots last night and just about every user got a delightful piece of email promoting some video sexchat.  They created 700+ accounts and flooded the system.  

    I've since changed how registration works and am hoping this will keep it from happening again.

  • Deleted Playlists
    Posted by EMG October 3, 2017

    Some of you may have noticed that your playlists have been deleted.  It's nothing personal, but I have had to purge a lot of content under DMCA complaints.  I do plan to setup a system to inform people if their content is deleted(and why) but that isn't running just yet.

  • Discord Server
    Posted by EMG August 9, 2017

    mikemylord has setup a hypno-fetish discord server for those that are fans of discord as a chat mechanism.  You can connect to it from this link:  hypno-fetish discord server

  • Chat is working!!
    Posted by EMG August 7, 2017

    That's right, we're finally back up and running.  All that's left is the ugly javascript and we'll be back to "normal"

  • Status update
    Posted by EMG August 6, 2017

    Still battling the chat, if it's not working this week I may go looking for another system.

    The display issues with graphics appear to have been fixed in the latest update, but we're still getting the annoying javascript,  so we're getting there.(slowly)

  • Server Crash
    Posted by EMG July 1, 2017

    OK, good news we're still up, bad news chat is still down and the other problems still persist.  I'm going to try to downgrade the website to the last version which is a lot more stable than this one(not too happy with socialengine over this).  I'm also going to yell at our chat provider again.


    I have been notified that someone posted images of bestiality on the site, they have been pulled.  Animals can't consent to sex with humans so I'm going to have to say no to any more pictures like that.