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  • I know its out of season, but its what came to mind...   Mike is at the bar shooting pool when he notices a guy in a Santa suit getting drunk and hitting on girls. He notices his date talking to him and being groped so he decides to say something. He asks his date to leave them for a second w...
  • 15 hours ago
    Posted by SPtist
  • Tue at 12:55 PM
    Posted by SPtist
    We hypnotists always want to talk about how ‘blank is better’, or how we would love to make you mindless and such. And that’s all fine and good, no problems with that, but there is also something to be said about adding some noise to that head of yours. So, I want you to start ...
  • Tue at 11:01 AM
    Posted by SPtist
    Just watching the little squares go back and forth as they draw you downward into the center of the spiral. the way it sucks you in, pulls you toward it, and takes your focus almost instantly. Even just glancing at it as it dreamily drifts toward you seems to make you just. Lose yourself. In it&rs...
  • Feb 17
    Posted by SPtist
    You will be hypnotized by the end of this post. Wait…what did that say? You’ll be HYPNOTIZED??!!?? It did??? Well, you better stop reading, then. Ok, listen. I have a theory: if you stop reading, you’ll never get to the end of this post. And that’s good, because you’...
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  • September 17, 2017 - hosted by deepgaze
    Original event info at https://fetlife.com/events/574809 Date & Time: Sunday, September 17, 2017 · 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Location: The Scottish Stores 2-4 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DU @ map Cost: A voluntary donation of £2 (This will be donated to the Backlash charity for ...
  • January 29, 2017 - hosted by deepgaze
    For us, it's business as usual: The Hypnosis Munch is a munch like every other, but with presentations and demonstrations added in. For this, we'll have a private room in The Scottish Stores, a stone's throw away from King's Cross St. Pancras. With the team consisting of hypnotists Mesmerone, ...
  • June 19, 2016 - hosted by deepgaze
    The London Hypnosis munch is back! "Finally?!" I hear you say? I know, it's been a while, we're sorry. Something, something, life got in the way etc. Doesn't matter now, because we're back, and we're better for it! This time, BoiledFrogs and Mesmerone have joined forces to amplify your experience...
  • October 7, 2016 - hosted by Flanelbear
    Hypnocon is a M4M North American hypnosis conference. A weekend for hypnotists and subs who have met across the internet to meet face to face to share stories and hypno-experimentation. https://sites.google.com/site/hypnoconm4mnortham/
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  • Underage stories
    Posted by EMG October 20, 2017

    We had someone post an album filled with pictures of young girls with captions that indicated MC with an underage person.  None of the images were indecent but we really do need to be as safe as we can and child porn/NC sex is a VERY touchy subject so I have deleted it.  Please don't post stories etc that involve minors, they will be deleted.

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    mrfox309 I'm trying to learn how  to eat cum. My boyfriend  always swallows mine and I feel  bad about not doing the same. Anyone have any files they suggest?
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