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  • A group for people in Colorado to meet each other and do what we all love!!
  • February 14 - led by brianna
    We are all patients who need to be treated by our Nurses. This is not a group for hypnosis. Nurses and therapists do not hypnotize their patients. We simply need help and they are generous enough to take care of us and our restless minds.
  • February 8 - led by Spellbinde
    Hypnosis lovers from the Sunshine State unite. Say hi!
  • January 29 - led by brianna
    We all love those unexpected moments in TV and film where we see hypnosis at work :) this is a great place to share your favorites and discover new ones!


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    Posted by EMG Tue at 12:18 PM

    Since HypnoFetish moved to https only CometChat may not work.  What you need to do to correct that is to reset the website to https://hypno-fetish.com and log back in.  If you have problems(I couldn't log out) you may need to uninstall and reinstall.

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    Mattheww Looking for someone to hypnotize me to feel pleasure and obey. (prefer women)
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    Phil Having read all the Harry Potter books back to back I am now completely Pottered out.   But I do wonder, in the world of Potter, do any of you think that there are Witches and Wizards who love the Imperius Curse.  :)

    There are probably places to go wh...  more
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    • Phil
      Muzi My hubby has done that a few times.
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    fetishist hello room
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    slave4ne1HypnoMaster69: Please help me be a good slave
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    latexsubmissive anyone in St Louis Mo ?
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    Martha80 It's freezing today!
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    rhiann new to the site looking for a hypnotist to help me with my fantasy
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    • rhiann
      HypnosisDom55 welcome :) I'm not exactly what you are looking for in a hypnotist, but I am sure you will find someone who will give you everything you need.
      • 1 hour ago
    • rhiann
      darrenewen2015 pm me i think i can help
      • Wed at 9:34 AM
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    AlyssalonNo Panty Wednesday!: Happy No Panty Wednesday gang! Good luck to the USMNT in world cup qualifying.
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