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  • 7 hours ago
    Posted by FreeAlice
          I wake up and I feel good, refreshed and happy. I really enjoyed the restful sleep. My first thought is to check my emails hopping for a new message from The Voice.  This is the way he signs his emails just as The Voice. I open the email, no much text inside, just "T...
  • Apr 17
    Posted by TheOGTSK
    Warning: Do not read this unless you consent to falling into a relaxing, pleasurable, obedient trance with potentially lingering effects.  If you do read this, do so in a quiet, relaxing place.  Read slowly.  Relax.  And let the words take over your thoughts. Begin I wan...
  • Mike sits as he watches his new step son run rampant with no manners and decides he will teach him a lesson so he calls his friend George. "Hey George, do you still know that stage hypnotist?" He asks as unbeknownst to him his step son is listening. "Its Bill, am getting tired of the disrespect and ...
  • Apr 16
    Posted by TheOGTSK
    By Dr. X From time to time, my followers send me nude photos of themselves. I see other blogs that actively encourage this, and I do enjoy receiving them as well. You may not be the kind of person who’d ever consider doing this. I know I’m not. If so, you may want to stop re...
  • Apr 15
    Posted by sbspellbound
    ((A CYOA induction-like story without the C. Have fun.))   Paragraphs (By S.B.)   1 Hi. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me out in this experiment. Your support is invaluable and I’m grateful beyond words. I promise this won’t take long and I’ll try to make it ...
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  • 12 hours ago - hosted by Flanelbear
    Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend has a fun undertone with many Hypno-fetish men enjoying the gathering.
  • October 26, 2018 - hosted by Hypnostage
    The Ultimate Training Events For Erotic Hypnosis NEW DATES AND PRICES ADDED
  • May 4, 2018 - hosted by Hypnostage
    Learn Erotic Hypnosis From A to Z as taught by two of the most recognized experts in the field: Richard Anthony & Kail DuBois Just added Friday Night Meet & Greet w/ demonstrations. May 4 from 5 PM to 10 PM www.darksidehypnosis.com
  • September 17, 2017 - hosted by deepgaze
    Original event info at https://fetlife.com/events/574809 Date & Time: Sunday, September 17, 2017 · 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Location: The Scottish Stores 2-4 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DU @ map Cost: A voluntary donation of £2 (This will be donated to the Backlash charity for ...
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  • Conflict on Hypno-Fetish
    Posted by EMG Feb 20

    Last night one user made some pretty drastic complaints about another user and insisted I ban them.  So, I thought I'd clarify things. First, I can only review what happens ON hypno-fetish, if you chat elsewhere and end up with an issue there's nothing I can do.  Second, I will NEVER ban a user based on any one users say-so.  I will investigate complaints and act accordingly but I am not part of your personal grudge.  Third, If you make your argument public don't expect me to take sides, but if you start posting over and over I'll end it for everyone else's sake even if that means deleting all involved parties.  Finally, there's a simple feature, BLOCK MEMBER, if you don't like someone(for whatever reason) use it.

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    thistoy When you open yourself to let your gender melt in trance it allows the tist much more moldable clay to work with.
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