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  • 10 minutes ago
    Posted by StephanieGiggles
    And one interested in being trances? Give me your Kik and I can help with that! I’ll message you if interested and do text based trances and will do anything. Only rule is it has to be transformative trances!
  • Tue at 5:46 PM
    Posted by sissybondage
    working on making a hypnosis video using text to speech, the them is forced cock milking by machine... could use some script ideas, will be added to the video :D
  • Inspired by last night>>> Mike comes home from work and its the usual day off bullcrap. Mike has been the kind to really get into details about things and recently started to get into sissy brainwashing and something called M.K. Ultra. He is a very detail person and started to think about ...
  • Dec 4
    Posted by Martha80
    The moments inbetween are long.. When I'm not able to see you, and be in your presence. The hours just creep by, so slowly. Making me wait, making me need. Can it just be that time right now? I hate this wait. Waiting is hardest thing. But I do it anyway. Because I know at the end of it, I'll h...
  • at a local festival, a hot, sexy, braless lady kept heckling the hypnotist until he came over to her and put her into a trance, instant induction! she nearly passes out!
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  • Sep 17 - hosted by deepgaze
    Original event info at https://fetlife.com/events/574809 Date & Time: Sunday, September 17, 2017 · 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Location: The Scottish Stores 2-4 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DU @ map Cost: A voluntary donation of £2 (This will be donated to the Backlash charity for ...
  • Jan 29 - hosted by deepgaze
    For us, it's business as usual: The Hypnosis Munch is a munch like every other, but with presentations and demonstrations added in. For this, we'll have a private room in The Scottish Stores, a stone's throw away from King's Cross St. Pancras. With the team consisting of hypnotists Mesmerone, ...
  • June 19, 2016 - hosted by deepgaze
    The London Hypnosis munch is back! "Finally?!" I hear you say? I know, it's been a while, we're sorry. Something, something, life got in the way etc. Doesn't matter now, because we're back, and we're better for it! This time, BoiledFrogs and Mesmerone have joined forces to amplify your experience...
  • October 7, 2016 - hosted by Flanelbear
    Hypnocon is a M4M North American hypnosis conference. A weekend for hypnotists and subs who have met across the internet to meet face to face to share stories and hypno-experimentation. https://sites.google.com/site/hypnoconm4mnortham/
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  • Underage stories
    Posted by EMG Oct 20

    We had someone post an album filled with pictures of young girls with captions that indicated MC with an underage person.  None of the images were indecent but we really do need to be as safe as we can and child porn/NC sex is a VERY touchy subject so I have deleted it.  Please don't post stories etc that involve minors, they will be deleted.

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  • StephanieGiggles
    StephanieGiggles wrote a new blog entry:
    Hypnosis Seasion on Kik
    • 10 minutes ago
  • StephanieGiggles
    StephanieGiggles Anyone interested in a trance?  If so give me your Kik and I’ll message you to trance.  I do text based hypnosis only and your decision on what you want.
    • 18 minutes ago
  • zante
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    • 1 hour ago
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  • Caprice18
    Caprice18 Going to lay here on my bed...let my mind wander ;) and hope that a certain girl joins me before I fall asleep...xoxo :)
    • 1 hour ago
    • Caprice18
      Liss Sorry for being late I make sure to make something good :)
      • 1 hour ago
  • MistressV
    MistressVRosie: What a lovely couple of weeks we had recently My slave. I can't wait to have you under my control again!!! I love you so very much and I love our relationship. Just remember all the times you were down so deep you can barely remember ;) I know I won't forget :)
    • 2 hours ago
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    • MistressV
      Rosie Mmmmm, it all feels like a dream when it's happening but when I wake in your arms it lets me know it's way more then a just a dream, it's a dream come true with cherry on top! I love you so much <3
      • 2 hours ago
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  • KarlyQuin
    KarlyQuin created a new playlist: Sissy mind change
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    • 3 hours ago
  • hypnoslutdestiny
    hypnoslutdestiny Oh my God, this dinging and nothing showing up is driving me nuts...
    • 3 hours ago
  • hypnoslutdestiny
    hypnoslutdestiny whats the difference between hypnosis and brainwashing???
    • 3 hours ago
    • hypnoslutdestiny
      masterhypno21225 Depends on the context and methods. One is not necessarily the other. You can brainwash without hypnosis but you can use hypnosis methods to brainwash.
      • 3 hours ago
  • greatscot1811
    greatscot1811 created a new playlist: faggot suck
    Basic Cocksucking Procedure for Sissy Faggots
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    • 4 hours ago
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    • JuliaShock
      Tennek welcome to the fun
      • 5 hours ago
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  • Masterstriker30
    Masterstriker30 Hey guys Im on now!
    • 6 hours ago
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